"One Life, One Encounter"


Every encounter in your life is a once in a lifetime happening. Cherish every moment because you will only experience it once.


"Be Luxurious in Existence, As Well As Appearance"


Rayelle is luxury fashion. Rayelle draws inspiration from cultures all over the world. We use this inspiration to create unique products using a variety of bold colours and designs. Attention to detail is one of the central values of our brand. We take pride in our intricate designs and ensure high quality in every aspect of our products. From print, badge, collar, label, tag, packaging, right down to the washing label. Careful planning has gone into the techniques used in every design to achieve the highest quality. Every detail has been considered, ensuring the most premium of fabrics and materials for timeless, comfortable and long-lasting clothing.


"Be a Voice, Not an Echo"


Rayelle does not do fast fashion. Rayelle products are crafted ethically with sustainability in mind. When you buy clothing, you buy the brand and the values they stand for. Rayelle creates each piece with care and intends your garments to last with you on your ventures. Our custom fabrics have been double treated to stop piling, shrinkage and colour spillage. Every fabric has been tested to meet the highest standard of durability, quality and overall comfort, look and feel. We aim to reduce fabric and plastic waste. Our clothing can be washed and worn time and time again, without a reduction in quality. All purchases are packaged in durable zip lock bags to protect your clothing. The bags can continue to be used for travelling or repurposed to store other items, avoiding unnecessary waste. 



"Culture Opens the Sense Of Beauty"


We draw inspiration from travelling and experiencing diverse cultures across the globe. Rayelle appreciates the Japanese aesthetic and we have a selection of Japanese inspired clothing, our Kanji Collection. We will continue to explore our beautiful planet and create individual pieces that reflect our experience of cultures around the globe.